Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rutabaga Bunny

At my Baby Shower Mark and Mary Wilson gave me this adorable little bunny named "Rutabaga".  It has quickly become Evie's FAVORITE.  Rutabaga Bunny lives on the changing table and when Evie gets her diaper changed or her outfit changed she usually gets "BUNNY KISSES!"

Bunny kisses are when little Rutabaga there sits on Evie's chest and then "kisses" her all over her face.  They are usually preceded by Mommy exclaiming "BUN-NY KISSES!" Evie has learned what's coming and just grins even before she gets kissed.

If you're looking for a good baby gift I highly recommend Bunnies By The Bay products.  They're super soft and just adorable.  Thanks Mark and Mary for Evie's favorite little Rutabaga.

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