Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa's Mailbox Ornament DIY

Evie is just starting to understand who Santa is so we haven't quite reached the Letters to Santa phase yet. But I'm looking forward to it. This year I had her "write" a letter and I'm going to print up a list of what she got for Christmas and another list of what Owen got on his first Christmas. Then it's all going into these cute little ornaments I put together during the miraculous few minutes that both children napped at the same time.

I love Christmas ornaments. LOVE THEM. My favorite day is Black Friday because I spend all day getting the tree up. I pull out each ornament and I can tell you who gave it to me, where and why. We collect ornaments when we go on vacations, we each get a Hallmark ornament each year plus more on special occasions. I love the hand made ones I've received from loved ones. I plan to make one of these each year and then I'll most likely go and re-read their Christmas lists each Black Friday.

To make your own you'll need: 1 toilet paper tube, a 12" piece of ribbon or string, glue or Mod Podge, Scrapbook paper, hole punch, scissors, computer and printer (optional).

I started by creating this template. Please feel free to print and use it. Make sure it is 4 1/4" Wide x 6" Long when you print it.

I added a name to the flag and printed it directly on scrapbook paper.

If you choose not to use my template just cut your scrapbook paper to 4.25"wide x 6" long.

Coat the back of your paper with glue or Mod Podge and (if you're using the image above) starting at the bottom where the line is glue it around the TP tube.

It should overlap a little. Allow glue to dry slightly so the paper doesn't slide around. But you don't want it hard yet.

Punch 2 holes in the top of your ornament about 1 1/4 inches in on each side, as shown.

Tie a knot at one end of your ribbon so it doesn't pull through the hole. Thread the un-knotted end through the hole from the inside out. Then down through the other hole and tie another knot in the end.

Gently push the ends together along the half circle lines.

Glue one end closed.

Wrap a rubber band around your ornament to hold the bends in place while the glue dries.

In the meantime, make your letter. Of course a child can just write a letter and decorate it however they like. I made Evie a little letter sheet since she can't write yet. Feel free to print it out if you like.

Evie's letter is on a plain sheet of letter sized computer paper.  I trimmed it to 6" wide and I glued a 6" x 2.25" piece of coordinating scrapbook paper to the bottom.

To fit it in the ornament, first fold the scrapbook paper back right along the edge.

Then, with the "Dear Santa" facing up, fold the whole sheet in half short ways.

Next fold it in half short ways again.

The scrapbook paper should now be on top. Gently roll your letter with the scrapbook page out so you have a 2.25" tube.

And there you go! Easy, Fast and FREE! Love that!