Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turkey Loop Stitch Explanation

I've had a few people asking me, "What in the world is Turkey Loop Stitch?"  I think it goes by several different names including Turkey stitch and Loop stitch. It is an embroidery stitch that creates secured loops. Here is how I do it.  You'll need a needle and thread, or a tapestry needle and a length of yarn.

Bring your needle UP at A.  Use a Knitting Needle to make your loop size and keep it uniform throughout.  Go DOWN at B leaving a loop.  Bring your needle back UP at C and go DOWN (without making a loop this time) at D.  Now bring your needle back UP at B and begin the process again.

I used Turkey Loop Stitch in my pattern for the Quick and Easy Mohawk Hat available for sale here:

Hope that helps!


  1. Continue to struggle with this pattern but love the hat. Had lots of trobule with the ear flap and transition to cap section and now this Turkey Loop thing. 13th Grandbaby ariving in a few days and had hoped to have it ready for him. Actually have completed two hats and they are quick, not too sure about the easy. I am loving the learning part. Computer access is fun and has so much help. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Joanne

  2. I too am struggling with the transition from ear flap to ribbing on the hats edge. I seem to be getting two gaps in my knitting on the left front (if wearing) and right back (when wearing). I've worked two of these hats and gotten the same gap both times.

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback. To avoid the gaps you may need to change your cast on method. Try knitting on the stitches between the ear flaps. To work with what you've already made you can use the tail from the last row on the earflaps. When you weave in that tail use it to tighten up the gap.

  3. This video shows what I mean by "knitting on"


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