Friday, January 7, 2011

A few quick videos

No time for a real update right now. I know, I'm behind on the Evie updates. She's very  nearly 20 months and I haven't even managed a 19 month update yet.  For now here are a few videos of her latest tricks and adventures.

Evie was a pro at Calling the Hogs before the Sugar Bowl. Not that it did us any good.

Her latest silly walk we've titled "Sneak Sneak Sneak".  She loves sneaking up on people and cats and the rocking horse. Then she tickles and giggles.

Finally,  we've been introducing her to the potty. Today she put her stuffed animals on the potty before deciding they all needed a bath and finally putting them back on the potty. My favorite is her response when asked if her Tiger is going pee pee or poo poo but you have to listen closely.

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