Friday, January 21, 2011

Anatomy of a Blanket Design: Progress Update 2

 Finished!!  I'm so excited to show you the finished project.  I'm calling it the "Come Together" Baby Blanket because Knit and Crochet blocks "come together" to create this one of a kind blanket that is both fun and functional.   The finished size is 28.5 x 35.5 inches.  In addition to all the different textures and colors it has a few special features.  The satin ribbon in the top center is sure to be a hit with the baby. And not to worry; although it looks like a long piece of ribbon woven through the holes, it is actually 3 separate pieces. Each piece is only 6" long and between the knit layers the ribbon is sewn and glued together as well as attached to the inside knit portion itself.  The blanket also features a fun stuffed turtle friend and 4 sets of 6" long ties for attaching the blanket to a stroller or infant carrier. That bit is for Mom.  I hate it when my daughter's blankies drag on the floor or are constantly falling down and need attention.  These little ties should mitigate that problem.  I really hope my client (and her son!!) enjoy this blanket as much as I enjoyed creating it for them.

For my knitter and crocheter friends, the written pattern is in the works and will be available to purchase through Ravelry very soon.  It will include instructions for hand making all the blocks, assembly, trim and ties. It will also include instructions for making some of the larger blocks on a knitting machine, directions for the turtle embellishment, at least one other embellishment for a girl's version, additional color ideas, and a bonus pattern for a 1/3 size "lovey" version. 

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