Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well that sucks.

Just a couple days ago I was telling my wonderful husband that I was scared things were going too well and I was wondering when the other shoe would drop.  Consider it dropped.

My husband's company decided to throw a wrench into our perfect little world.  Completely out of the blue this morning they laid him off.

He just started this job in April a couple weeks before Evelynn was born.  It was perfect.  No travel (his old job had him traveling nearly 50 weeks a year). He was doing what he loved and he got a 30% raise. Essentially the same amount both of us had made combined.  GREAT!  I quit my job when Evelynn was 3 weeks old.

So, this morning I was loading the dishwasher when I heard the garage door open.  Um.. After last week's break-in I pretty well jumped out of my skin. Then I heard the door open and it's a good thing there wasn't a knife near by. But then Mike came around the corner I was ok, if a little confused. His office was 30 miles away. What was he doing home at 11:30AM?   He'd been told to clean out his office. Not. Good.

So, what do we do now?  Well, he got a little bit of severance, not much. And he gets to file for unemployment. Joy.  But he was told to consider himself lucky. See the VP of another plant in the company wants him to go to North Carolina and interview with that plant on Monday.  Um. Ok. So, the job they want him to apply for is essentially doing the same thing he does now, but not a management position. So it pays less than he makes here but the cost of living there is more.  We wouldn't be able to live on it, especially not with all the medical bills from Evie's birth still hanging over our heads. Besides that, we'd have to move half way across the country away from our friends and even farther from our family.

He's searching Monster and Career Builder and Linkedin, and any other job site he can find. We'll see if anything surfaces. But so far there doesn't appear to be anything around here. So chances are we'll have to move. I just hope we can move closer to family rather than farther away.

I don't want to move. I love my house. We JUST renovated the bathroom and I LOVE it. I don't want to give it up. I have trees planted in the front yard that are supposed to grow with Evelynn. I have plants stolen out of my Mom's yard at her old house. I'm comfortable here. And I just got rid of tons of junk so it's much more comfortable now. Besides that, the house isn't ready to go on the market. We need new carpet and new paint all over the house. I hadn't planned on doing any of that for a while.  I always thought it was stupid when people painted their house just to put it on the  market. I always thought if I painted, darn it I was going to enjoy it for a while. Guess not.

This sucks.

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  1. Aw.. Amy. I'm sooo sorry! You and yours are in our prayers. We had to move across the country when C. got discharged from the military and our lil Z was only 5 months old! I completely understand how you feel. We lucked out and moved closer to family ( and an old house owned by family).. but you are right. It totally sucks.


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