Monday, September 28, 2009

Too Smart for My Good

Evelynn is going through a phase where she is just a pain in the bootie to feed. And I'm not even talking about solids (see post below).  No, my smart little girl has figured out that if she spits out her bottle and listens for bubbles, when she goes back to it, the milk will come out faster. She likes milk.  She likes milk NOW.  So, she spits that bottle out a lot.  Of course that means that she ends up with more of a mess all over her face and clothes.  And she exclaims, "Ah! Ah! Ah!" while she waits for the bubbles- not so pleasant or cute in public. It takes an extreme amount of patience to give her a bottle these days and has become very frustrating for her daddy and others not accustomed to it to deal with since it's so confusing. You think she's hungry but then she's constantly spitting the bottle out but then she cries when you stop feeding her.

But all of this is bearable.  The real problem is that I am still nursing and want to continue for a few more months at least. Evelynn doesn't differentiate between the bottle and my breast very well.  When my milk isn't flowing as fast as she'd like, we play the off and on fussing and waiting for bubbles that never come game.  Which leads to the latch on and attempt to turn head game.  Not. Fun.  I am dreading her getting teeth mostly for that reason.

We've been working on a solution for this little problem.  So far we've discovered a couple things.  1.  Fast flow nipples.  She likes them and Man can she power through a bottle when we use one of those.  BUT, as I said, I'm still nursing.  They really make her frustrated when my milk isn't nearly as easy to get.  So,  I'd rather stick with the slow flow.  2. Taking the bottom off the bottle.  We already use Playtex VentAire bottles which have holes in the bottom with little silicone washers to prevent leaks (most of the time).  But they don't re-pressurize fast enough for Evie.   Taking the bottom off keeps it even with no bubbles and a steady stream of milk.  But of course then you're holding a full bottle with no bottom.  If she moves or grabs the bottle, like she loves to do, milk goes everywhere.


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  1. Good luck! All of my kiddos have been like this. It seems like once they get to a certain stage of awareness they are way more interested in everything going on around them.
    With Simon we totally ceased nip and that helped a little. Cab and now Mattie are just having to power through it. Yeah - the whole head turning while latched on thing is less than pleasant!! I do think Mat is eating less during the day bc she is so busy and then making up for it at night. Good luck!


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