Friday, September 25, 2009


Evelynn tried her first solid food tonight. She's four months old and the doctor told us we could start her on rice cereal to help with her spit up. So tonight was the night. I was covered in spit up and had had enough.

Things started out promising
I thought for sure she would love it... yeah, not so much.

Mommy! Why do you keep putting that in my mouth?
Things weren't going well, so I tried mixing in a teeny spoonful of pear baby food. That didn't seem to help much, so I figured, why not let her try pears straight.

Wow that was bad. Her little face was so funny when she tasted it.  It just sat there on her tongue and her face got all red.  Then she spit it all out. Every other bite from there out ended up on her bib. She didn't even eat half her cereal and was a red, crying, shaking mess by the time we gave up.

Poor baby. I guess we'll try solids again in a few weeks.

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