Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What an odd world it must be

Tonight was the annual picnic for Pittsburg Mother to Mother Ministry. I'm on the board and was excited to take Evie. We had beautiful weather and a nice turn out. Some of our board members brought games for the kids and made an obstacle course out of hoola hoops and pool noodles. Evie had never seen either of those things before. She picked up a bright purple noodle and someone asked her something like, "Do you like that noodle?" The look on her face was pretty funny. She was very clearly thinking Miss Kit had lost it, as there was obviously not spaghetti in her hand.

And that got me thinking, as Evie learns more and more language skills, how funny must the world seem to her.  English is such a screwy language anyway, for someone just learning to communicate it must seem insane. For instance, we cheer when Evie says, "I love YOU!" but does she think she's saying, "Eye love ME!" (Evie calls herself "you".  She occasionally refers to Mike or I as "Me". Pronouns are hard.)  And in response does she think I'm saying, "Eye Love Evie Two"? 

If I ask her to carry a grocery bag and tell her it's "light" does she think she's carrying a lamp? If I give her a whole apple does she think it is hollow?  When I say we need to put away her clothes does she think they need to be shut?

Kids must be brilliant to decipher all this at such a young age.

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  1. Well they do say that this is the most crucial learning time in their little brains is up to 5 years old. They are like little processors, constantly adding their spin on language.


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