Wednesday, June 22, 2011

S is for so So SMART!

Any parent well tell you, there are days when your child will surprise and amaze you. Today was one of those days. We went to the library for story time and checked out a few new books. One was an alphabet book. She has a few we read but I wouldn't say we have actively been trying to teach her the letters.  When I opened the book she immediately said, "A!" I was impressed alright. But I was even more impressed when she correctly identified almost EVERY letter!! She had trouble with "V". She called it "Y". But when I got to Y she said, "Y. Yak." A Yak was, indeed, pictured on that page.  

Since her birthday, Evie's favorite toy is a little Leapfrog Laptop. She takes in the car everywhere we go. I think that is where she learned that Y is for Yak.  If you have a toddler, BUY THIS TOY. It's not expensive, is educational and is a God Send on road trips. 

But I digress. After nap time we headed off to the pool. Even enjoying herself, splashing in the water she continued to impress. Evie identified all but the V in "No Diving". And that was partially to do with the fact that she was sitting on the V. She also identified ALL the numbers and letters in "1 ft 0 in", "2 ft 0 in" and "3 ft 0 in". All without being prompted. 

At bedtime she wanted to read the new alphabet book again for her bedtime story. She again was able to identify all the letters (except that darned V). But then she started showing her understanding even more. On D she said, "Da". On E she said, "You!" (Evie calls herself "You" remember.) And on M she said, "Ma!".  At the end of the book all the letters are pictured together. I asked if she wanted to sing the ABCs. Evie typically doesn't care for my singing...can't really blame her for that one. So I fully expected a big NO. But she did want me to sing them. I sang it through once and when I got to the part about, "next time won't you sing with me" she said, "YA!".  We started over and sang together twice! Then as she drank her milk and I rocked her quietly she periodically stopped, looked up at me and started singing herself.

I certainly am one proud Mama tonight!

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