Monday, May 23, 2011

My Little Big Girl

(Photo Credit FX Studios)

Evie turned 2 last week and thinks she's such a big girl. She spent her actual birthday going to the Doctor with me to hear her baby BROTHER's heart beat. She thought that was pretty funny. Then, after nap time, we went out to FX Studios to have her picture taken.   She was a little nervous at first but warmed up pretty quickly and had fun. And they got some fun shots.

Evie saw the doctor today and weighed 30 lbs and was 35.5" tall. That's 90th percentile on height and 85th percentile on weight. She was a VERY good girl and smiled and even talked to the doctor. I was shocked. She was just a little angel. She even let the doctor look in her ears, something she won't even let me do! Everything was good and he said she was doing great. 

We had her birthday party on the 14th and it was so fun! She had a lot of little friends come celebrate and family and friends from out of town came in for the event. It was chilly and windy but I don't think the kids noticed.  The theme was "Monkey's on the Bed" and was a big hit. 
Heather, at Sweet Designs did an amazing job on Evie's cake. It was the biggest hit at the party and tasted YUMMY.  White cake with cookies and cream filling. 
Obviously Evie approved.

We decorated with Evie's monkey stuffed animals and quilts used as table cloths. Cheap decorations!!
Trampoline Attendant

The present table

The Buffet Table

I made the birthday banner using scrapbooking paper I already had, the computer and some rick rack and ribbon. I really thought it would take forever to make but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it came together.

Evie treated her guests with goody bags filled with Monkey Lollypops, Bubbles, Finger Puppets and Beach Balls.

Two hours was the perfect time for a 2 year old's birthday. We spent the first hour letting the kids play on the swing set and the trampoline Evie received for her birthday while the adults chatted and snacked. Then it was time to open presents.  Evie is loved by so many people and we are extremely grateful for their generosity. Evie had an amazing time and has been really great about playing with ALL her new toys pretty equally.  Her biggest surprise was a hot pink Mustang Power Wheels from her great Nana and Great-Grandpa. She LOVED it! 

After opening presents it was time to blow out the candles and cut the cake.

Gradually, our party guests left but Evie was not at all done. As the decorations were being taken down she continued to jump in her trampoline and her Daddy started tossing balloons in on top of her.

What a fun day!  And she looks so much more like a little girl than my little baby.  She is really growing up. Her language has just taken off lately. She'll try to say any word you ask now and is using more and more sentences. She knows all her colors and can count to 5. She is very independent about most things and gets angry if you forget and do it for her. (Example: SHE must be the one to screw the lid on the sippy cup. Heaven forbid you forget and put it on.) But at the same time she is very dependent about other things you know she can do. She asks us to take her lego towers apart, for example. 

Before I wrap things up, I need to pass on some information regarding the deadly tornado that touched down in Joplin, MO.  We live only 30 miles from Joplin and had planned on going shopping over there on Sunday. Had I not lost track of time weeding the vegetable garden we would have been right in the middle of some of the hardest hit areas.  It breaks my heart to see the devastation. I look around my house at all the toys and photos. So many people have lost everything including their homes and loved ones.  At the same time, it is heart warming to see communities are pulling together to offer donations and help with search and rescues.  If you can, please consider donating to the Red Cross, giving blood or sending supplies. They are badly in need of bottled water, toiletries and non-perishable foods.  Click Here for a spreadsheet showing donation collection locations in the Four-State Region and as far away as Kansas City, Springfield, Lawrence, Tulsa and Northwest Arkansas.

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