Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nearly Christmas Card time!

I'm so excited for this year's Christmas card.  Last year, Evie was only 5-6 months old when it came time to make our cards. This year I have a full year and a half of photos to choose from!

We always order our Cards (and photo prints and books and calendars and even stationary!) from Shutterfly. I just love 'em.  They have great quality products and I've always been really pleased with their services, designs and easy to use drag and drop software.

So I got on line and started going through all the photos and trying to pick the best. The design choices for Christmas cards this year are SO Great! There are really designs for everybody.  Now the hard part is choosing the right ones for us!

Here are my top 5 favorites:

I love this one because it has so many photos on the front but doesn't seem smushed. It also has room for photos on the inside. It's a good way to show how much my sweetie has grown since last Christmas and the quote just makes my eyes water when paired with photos of that big grin. It's also the most traditional of my selections.

The sentiment on this one is just PERFECT for our family.

I love the retro graphics on this one and the combinations of fonts. I also really like the non-traditional colors and square shape. 

I was looking for something fun and a way to showcase all those great grins I got on her 18 month birthday and this one was perfect for that!

My little sugar plum fairy. I really like all the colors in this one and I think it would stand out on the wall with 100 other Christmas cards our friends and family members are sure to get. 

See why it's just so hard to choose?! 


  1. I like them all but my vote is for either the first one or the last one.

  2. could order all of them and then everybody could get a different christmas card from you guys this year! :) Adorable..#1 is my favorite. Misty


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