Monday, July 19, 2010

An open letter to Walmart RE: Great Value Freezer Bags

Dear Walmart,

Your Great Value Brand Freezer Bags are a joke. 90% of these bags have holes in them.

In this economic climate people are trying to save money where ever they can.  In know, in my family, after my husband's lay off we looked for creative solutions for shrinking our grocery bill.  One solution was to buy commonly used meats in bulk. When we get home from the store we portion it out into freezer bags to use as needed.  Since the object is saving money, we purchased Great Value freezer bags instead of the more expensive Ziplock or Glad bags.  I am here to tell you, that when you end up throwing out meat because your bags have holes it is NOT a great value.  Also, if you thaw in the refrigerator, your fridge is covered in bacteria filled meat liquid. If you thaw in cold water, your bag is full of water and your meat soaks in water all day.
Tonight's chicken breasts soaking in water. It's pretty obvious there's a hole in the bag. 

Seriously, improve your product. I didn't respond when approximately 90% of the bags in the first THREE boxes I purchased had holes in them. But enough is enough!

I know that Walmart does not manufacture this product themselves. You contract it out to a supplier. I get that. But you are very large corporation. When you tell your supplier to improve, they will. If you need a consultant to visit your supplier and walk them through a Six Sigma improvement plan, that is my husband's specialty. I'm sure he would be willing, at a fee, to help your supplier with this obvious quality control problem.

As it is, I would advise any would be freezer bag shoppers to purchase a different bag.  Great Value, they are not.

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