Monday, May 17, 2010


Sometimes I'm just amazed at how much my little girl has learned in under one year's time (her birthday is tomorrow). This year has been so exciting to me, because everyday brings something new. She can do something new or understand something or conquer a new physical obsticle.  Here, in pictures, are just a few of the many milestones and "firsts" this year.
First Picture (also the first time seeing her Grammy)

First time in her carseat

First time sleeping in her own bed

First time Daddy got to feed her

First time sun bathing (she had Jaundice)

First Smile

First Friend- Miss Paloma

First Trip to the Pool

First Pigtails

First time sitting unsupported

First solid foods

First time at the park

First Parade

First Christmas

First Snow

First time Crawling

First Teeth

First time standing up in bed

First time Standing Unsupported (and she's clapping but this wasn't the first time)

First Steps

First Easter

First trip to the zoo

First time on her swing set

First Birthday Party

And somewhere in there she learned to sign, wave, clap, understand, reason, babble, point and capture the hearts of all who know her. Happy birthday to my sweet little princess.

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