Monday, March 29, 2010

What a Week!

10 month old Evelynn with the Easter Bunny

What a difference a week makes! Evelynn had several milestones since my last post.  But first a quick height/weight update.  We finally got around to measuring her and she came in at 21lbs (76th percentile) and 29 inches (86th percentile).

At 10 months and 3 days old Evelynn took her first steps. Now, only a week later, she's taking as many as 8 or more steps in a row without falling!  She has also been standing unassisted. Meaning, she goes from crawling or sitting on the floor to standing without pulling up or pushing off of anything. She can do it with books, balls or other toys in her hands too. And she has taken steps without prompting. Yesterday she stood up with her book took a couple steps to another toy and sat down to play with it.
Walking to Mommy

Also this week she has made tremendous strides with her sign language. She has been clapping and saying "all done" but now she can also wave "Hello" and sign "Mommy" and "Daddy".  Aunt Shelley came to visit and taught her to "High 5" too!  She has been playing peek-a-boo by pulling a cloth off of her face or your face, but just this week she has started covering her eyes with her hands. When you say, "Where's Evie?!" she takes her hands away and has a huge grin.  We are still working on "Bye Bye" but she's almost there.

We took Evelynn on her first Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. She wasn't so concerned with hunting the eggs but loved to rattle them when they were found.
Looking for Eggs

Found one!


With Mommy and Aunt Shelley

Her little cold has finally gotten better, seemingly like magic over night. She woke this morning happy and excited and all traces of stuffy/runny nose were gone. Still working on those two top teeth that have been causing her so much trouble. They are very close now and we can see them, so hopefully they'll be through and we'll get a reprieve shortly.  She has tried several new foods this week including: bread, grapes (LOVE!), raisins and lemon spaghetti. And her previous ho-hum attitude to Cheerios seems to be changing.

PS. NEVER leave a baby with a full bowl of Cheerios unguarded, even for a moment!

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