Monday, January 18, 2010

8 Months Old

Evelynn is 8 months old today.  What a silly little girl she is.  When she's not hungry or sleepy she is constantly smiling and exploring. Which, of course, is keeping us on our toes now that she has this crawling thing figured out. We took her to Toddler Time, a free gathering at the community center for kids birth-4 years put on by the city Parks and Recreation. We went on Thursday and, although she didn't seem to notice the other kids much, she certainly mastered crawling after watching a 9 month old there pretty much do laps around the room.  When she realized she could crawl out of the living room and down the hall Hubs and I exchanged worried looks and I frantically ran around putting plugs in all our wall outlets. I'm sensing baby gates in our future as I'm sure the cat food is getting more and more interesting.

We took Little Miss to the doctor today for shots and check up.  She got her polio vaccine and that was the only time she cried. She weighed in at 19lbs 4 oz.  That's less than last month if you're keeping track but she was weighed fully clothed last month and nekkid this month so nothing to worry about. According to the doc, this is the only one that counts anyway, last month was unofficial. That's the 76th percentile.  She was 28 inches long which is the 90th percentile.

The doctor was pleased with her crawling and pulling up and impressed by her walking holding my hands-a milestone she's not due to reach until she's 1 year old.  He said she looked very healthy and well adjusted and he even complimented us on how clean her ears were. I know you were wondering. No sign of any ear infections at all. 

She is about to cut her first top tooth. I say it could be any day now. Mike thinks it will be on Friday because that's when Grammy is coming to visit.

We talked about the foods Evelynn eats and the doctor commended us on the good nutrition she is receiving. We didn't tell him how much she likes ice cream... :) He did say she should start eating meats and veggies twice a day and cereal and fruit once a day. That's just an extra serving of veggies and meat each day from what she gets now. And she is still getting both breast milk and formula for most of her nutrients.  She'll continue having breast milk as long as I can provide at least a little bit and formula until she's 1 year.

She's not due to see the doctor again until May unless she gets sick. It kind of makes me sad. I love the piece of mind of seeing the Doc each month and getting her weighed on a scale her size (and one that I don't have to get on with her! There's a scary thought.)

As I type she's waking up from her nap. "Ooo Ooooo! Ooooo! Ooooo! Ahhh! " is coming from her bedroom. If I open the door I'm pretty sure I will find her standing up in bed and bouncing with a grin. 

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