Monday, November 9, 2009

Evelynn's Favorite Toys

We love these great toys by Lamaze.

Evelynn's first Lamaze toy was Celeste the sun and moon. I had it hanging where she could see it from her car seat from before we even brought her home. She would stare it at long before she had the motor skills to use her hands. Now, nearly 6 months later it hasn't lost its appeal. She loves to crinkle the little yellow rays around the sun's face.

The next toy we got was Jacques the Peacock. Evelynn loved his little orange beak from the time we picked him out in the store.  We hardly go anywhere without Jacques now.

But now Jacques has a rival for Evelynn's affections. Just this weekend my grandmother and I took Evelynn shopping with us and she picked out her own toy. It was between Stretch the Giraffe and My Friend Emily. Well, Emily won out hands down.  Given both toys Evelynn went straight for the doll and ignored the Giraffe completely.  My baby's first baby doll! So sweet!

You'd think we'd have enough by now, and we probably do. But with the hubs being Canadian and all, we do have an awful fondness for Moose.  So.... Mortimer Moose will most likely make an appearance in Evelynn's stocking at Christmas time.

Isn't he cute?! Plus his ears are teethers so, it's practical. 

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