Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Owl hat Pattern

I created this pattern myself and have never written it down so hopefully this will make sense.  I'm providing it Free of charge, sort of as a Christmas present to you! :) Please use this only for personal use as hat sales are currently my family's only source of income. If you are interested in purchasing a hat you can leave a comment here with your e-mail, contact me through Cozy Baby on Facebook or visit my Etsy Store.

Yarns:  Bernat Satin Solids- Mocha; Bernat Softee Baby- Whtie; Plymouth Yarn Baby Bunny- Sage; Naturally Merino wool Blend- Rose

Needles: US size 10, US size 3,  size D crochet hook

Tapestry Needle

Stitches: Stockingette, Seed, Single Crochet, Chain

Abbreviations: K= Knit, P=Purl, K2tog= Knit 2 together, P2tog= Purl 2 together

Hat :

Using size 10 needles and Bernat Satin Solids- Mocha, cast on 72 stitches using long tail cast on.  Leave long enough tail to stitch up seam.
Row 1: K
Row 2: K
Row 3: P
Rows 4-27: Continue stockingette stitch evenly
Row 28: *K10, K2tog repeat from*
Row 29: *P2tog, P9 repeat from *
Row 30: *K8, K2tog repeat from *
Continue decreasing in the above manner reducing the number of stitches between the 2tog with each row until you have 3 stitches remaining.  Cut yarn and thread through loops.

Place right sides together and use small crochet hook to stitch up the seam with slip stitches.  This ensures a strong covered seam with even stitches.

Ears:  (make 2)
Using size 3 needles and Bernat Satin Solids- Mocha cast on 12 stitches using long tail cast on. Leave enough tail to sew ears to hat.
Row 1: seed stitch (K1, P1) evenly
Row 2: seed stitch evenly
Row 3: K1, K2tog, seed stitch 6, k2tog, k1
row 4: P10
row 5: k1, k2tog, seed stitch 4, k2tog, k1
row 6: p8
row 7: k1, k2tog, seed stitch 2, k2tog, k1
row 8: p 6
row 9: k1, k2tog, k2tog, k1
row 10: k1, k2tog, k1
row 11: k1, k2tog
row 12: k2tog
cut thread and pull through remaining loop. Weave in end.

Wings:  (make 2)
Using size 10 needles and Plymouth Yarn Baby Bunny- Sage cast on 24 stitches using long tail cast on. Leave tail long enough to sew wings to hat.

Row 1: K evenly
Row 2: P evenly
Row 3: K1, K2tog, K18, K2tog, K1
Row 3: P 22
Row 4: K1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 5: p 20
row 6: k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 7: p18
row 8: k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 9: p16
row 10: k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 11: p 14
row 12: k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 13: p12
row 14: k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 15: p 10
row 16: k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 17: p 8
row 18: k1, k2tog, k until 3 stitches remain, k2tog, k1
row 19: p 6
row 20: K1, k2tog, k2tog, k1
row 21: k1, k2tog, k1
row 22: k1, k2tog
row 23; k2tog
Cut yarn and pull through remaining loop. Weave in end.

Earflaps: make 2

Follow directions for Wings up through Row 20
Row 21: p even
Row 22: k1, k2tog, k1
row 23: p even
row 24: k1 k2tog
row 25: p even
row 26: k2tog
Cut yarn and pull through remaining loop. Make sure to cut it about 6 inches long to use to make ties.

Eyes Make 2

Using small crochet hook and Plymouth Yarn Baby Bunny- sage
Chain 2
6 SC in second chain from the hook do not join rounds
row 2: 2 SC in each stitch (12 stitches)
row 3: 2 SC in each stitch (24 stitches)
row 4: 2 SC in each stitch (48 stitches)
Join with slip stitch and cut yarn leaving tail long enough to stitch eye to hat.

Using small crochet hook and Bernat Softee Baby - White

Chain 2
6 SC in second chain from the hook do not join rounds
row 2: 2 SC in each stitch (12 stitches)
row 3: 2 SC in each stitch (24 stitches)

Using small crochet hook and Bernat Satin solids- Mocha
make slip knot remove from hook and hold on wrong side of the white circle you just created.
Insert hook through holes created between rows 2 and 3 of white circle and pick up slip knot, draw through.
Insert hook in center of white circle and draw up a loop.
Slip stitch into slip knot.
*slip stitch into next space between rows 2 and 3
Insert hook in center of white circle and draw up a loop, slip stitch
Repeat from * You should have 12 loops total
Slip stitch in first slip knot when you have gone all the way around.  Cut yarn and pull through.  Then Pull back to wrong side to secure final stitch.

Using tail from white circle, pull up a small loop through the brown layer to create the twinkle.  Insert hook back through brown and white layers to pull up another loop. Slip stitch. Pull yarn through and then back to wrong side to secure.

Center white/brown circle with right side up on right side of sage circle. Use white tail to slip stitch between outer stitches of white circle and space between rows 3 and 4 of sage circle (24 stitches)
Join with slip stitch and pull yarn through to wrong side of sage circle to secure.


Fold hat in half with seam on the side.  Center earflap.  Use cast on tail to slip stitch earflap to bottom row of hat on the inside. Weave in ends. Repeat on other side making sure to align earflaps.

Place wing atop ear flap with right sides facing. Using cast on tail attach bottom of wing with slip stitches to bottom of hat. Fold wing up and slip stitch to right side of hat. Repeat for second wing.

Center eyes on front of hat.  Using cast on tail from sage circle slip stitch to hat.

Using cast on tail and tapestry needle sew ears to top.


Using size 3 needles and Rose Merino wool, pick up 4 stitches in center of hat.
Row 1: K
row 2: P
Row 3: K1, k2tog, K1
Row 4: K1, k2tog,
Row 5: K2 tog
Pull Yarn through remaining loop and weave in ends.

Cut a piece of sage yarn approximately 12 inches long. Thread half way through last loop of ear flap so you have 3 pieces of yarn to work with.  Braid yarn. Tie off at end leaving strings no longer than 6 inches. Repeat for second side.


  1. so cute and so is the model, thanks for the free pattern

  2. It is absolutely the sweetest thing! Thanks so much for sharing. I have a nephew that will need another gift soon. :)
    -PickleSoup on Ravelry

  3. This is amazingly adorable. I'm a beginner who really doesn't need any more scarves, and now I have something to work on! Thanks! :)

  4. This is amazing! Too bad I don't know how to crochet, because those eyes are fantastic!

  5. don't miss the OWL BOX!!!!!
    live cam of barn owls.. currently 2 owlets, and three eggs


  6. Lisa aka CheekyMonkee at RavelryMay 24, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Hello, thanks for posting this absolutely fantastic hat.

    I am trying to make this for my new nephew, but the 72 stitches on 10s at the beginning made a really big hat. It actually fits me. what am I doing wrong?


  7. Hey Lisa, I'm so glad you like the pattern. You may need to check the gauge of the yarn you are using. I used Bernat Satin Solids but if you are using a thicker yarn it might cause your gauge to be off. I would knit a swatch to get the gauge, and then cast on the number of stitches accordingly. For Newborns I try to make hats between 12 and 15 inches but they won't fit very long. For 3-6 months 17", 6-12 months 18", 12-18 months 19" and 18-24 months 19.5". If you attach the wings and earflaps it will cut down on the amount of stretch the hat has, so I would err on the side of larger. If you change the number of cast on stitches you'll also need to adjust the decreases. The formula I use is (cast on - 12)/6. This will give you the number of stitches before the k2tog. So, for example, if you cast on 60 you would do (60-12)=48 48/6=8 So you would k8, k2tog and repeat 5 more times. Fewer cast on stitches means fewer decrease rows, so you may want to consider knitting a few more rows before you start decreasing to compensate for the loss in height. Also the wings/earflap cast on is 1/3 the number of hat cast on stitches, so if you change the hat you may want to change the size of your wings as well, to keep the ratio the same. Hope that helps!

  8. Lisa aka CheekyMonkee at RavelryMay 25, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    you are awesome! thanks so much. I only have the eyes left to make (I took an online tutorial on how to crochet last night, so I am set now) I will finish it and see what happens. If it is too big i will use the instructions you have so graciously provided.
    thanks again and have a fantastic day!!!

  9. Lisa aka CheekyMonkee at RavelryMay 25, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    oh btw I used the exact same yarn but I doubled it because it felt so thin; I think maybe that was the problem

  10. Hi I LOVE this hat, and have my Mom hired for the job!! Will this fit a baby who will be 12 mths in Dec? You were very generous to share this pattern with us!!! Thanks a ton!

  11. I've seen a hat that is so cute but I can't find a pattern. It's for an infant, comes down and ties under the chin, and then there are two rounds of crotchet I think, that look like ears. It was sooo cute, does anyone have a pattern or know of a pattern?

  12. Hi! Thanks for posting this pattern. It is adorable! For you, was the 72 cast on stitches for the hat intended for a newborn or older child?

  13. @Emily- Evelynn was about 6 months when I developed the pattern for her and it still fits her now (she's 16 months today). For a newborn I'd drop down to size 8 needles and only cast on 60 or 66.

    @Lorie- I'm sure it will fit but the method of attaching the wings and earflaps does cut down on the stretch so try making the hat base first and trying it on. If you're worried there's not enough room, try picking up the stitches from the hat and knitting that instead of making the wings and earflaps separately. That should help maintain the stretch.

  14. Help !!!! luv this pattern, everything done, but i cannot crochet that well i have been trawling the web looking for tutorials on how to do the eyes, can you point me in the right direction, i will not give in, i'm desperately seeking help.

  15. Sure Elsnana. I can try to help. I couldn't find a decent tutorial on you tube either. What part is confusing to you? The circles or the center section? I'll try to walk you through it.

  16. Oh how lovely of you to reply, i am sat here right now with part of the eye on my knee trying to fathom out the centre piece, i am very proud of myself as i have done the outer & middle part of the eye its just the centre, i have to admit to it not looking as fabulous as yours though, i am absolutely dying to finish it, i patiently await your reply, rather excitingly. Many thanks... Janet

  17. You're welcome! Let's see if I can make it any clearer... First make a slip knot with the brown yarn. Take it off the needle and hold it on the wrong side of the white disk (that's the side that you can see the spiral on). You should see spaces where the stitches are stretched because you crochet two stitches into one when you made the circle. Use your crochet hook to pull the slip knit through one of the spaces. Next, insert your crochet hook in the center of the white circle. Pull up a loop and slip it through the slip knot, removing the knot from the hook. Insert your crochet hook in the next space around the circle and bring up a brown stitch. Slip it through the stitch on the hook. Now draw up a loop from the center again and continue in this way around the white circle.

    Does that help?

  18. EvelynnsMommy your wonderful, i've done it !!!!! I actually started to understand the logic as i was going round, thankyou sooooooo much for your help, will post pic of hat when all finished, again thankyou your bloody marvellous !!!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you so much for the pattern. I love it, I want to make some pink ones for my nieces!

  20. Do you think this would fit a 2 year old? I want to make some pink ones for my nieces. Thanks for the free pattern!

  21. The hat has a LOT of stretch so it will most likely fit. I made my daughter's the way the pattern is written. She was 6 months old at the time. She's now 17 months and it still fits. If they have a lot of hair or big heads though you may consider increasing the cast on to 78 stitches and working 2 more rows before starting the decreases. The extra cast on stitches will mean you need to k11 k2tog.

  22. I would love to purchase one of these for my 2 year old daughter. DO you make her size? And do you do other colors?

    Emily's mom

  23. I make it in any size you need and what ever colors you'd like. Please send me a message at third_electric@yahoo.com and we can discuss all the details. THANKS!

  24. I love this pattern and I'm trying desperately to make the eyes look good and the first 2 rows turn out ok and then the 3 row the eye gets all floppy and I can't make it sit flat against the hat...Any ideas what could be going wrong. I'm by no means good at crocheting, this is my first attempt. Thanks, Heather

  25. Hi Heather, that last row is a little tricky. If you're using worsted weight yarn it can really bulk up on you. Others have suggested working 2sc in one stitch, 1 sc in the next stitch all the way around. You might try that. Another method would be to switch to a larger crochet hook. I usually find that attaching the white section helps tremendously and sewing it on to the hat with one stitch in each sc makes it lay flat. Another suggestion from a Ravelry user was to get the completed circles wet and dry them under something heavy.

    Let me know how it goes!

  26. Wow that was a very quick response! Thanks so much, the 2 sc, 1sc pattern totally worked out. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I can't wait to sew it all up and show it to the couple who wants it for their baby.

  27. Thank you VERY Much for this Pattern it looks like Just what I need

  28. I am confused about the instructions for the hat. When you say to reduce the # of stitches between the k2tog until you have 3 stitches remaining, do you mean until there are 3 stitches between the k2tog (meaning you would end with 24 stitches) or until there are 3 total stitches? If it is 3 total stitches, how do you reduce down to 3?
    Thanks :)

  29. 3 total stitches. When you have 12 stitches then just K2tog each time to make 6 total stitches remaining. Then k2tog again on the next row for 3 total stitches. If your yarn is thicker you may want to stop with 6 total stitches, sometimes going all the way to 3 will make a little point on top if your yarn is stiff.

  30. Thanks so much!! And congrats on your new baby! Based on how amazingly cute your daughter is, your new one must be adorable!!

  31. Hello there, I am just learning to knit and have gotten tired of the plain little baby hats. I came across your pattern and I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! I can't wait to go yarn shopping for it today! Because I am still new, I easily get confused on translating patterns to different sizes. I would like to make this hat for a 19month old. Could you please help me decipher how many stitches to cast on, and then decrease?

    Thanks again, this is an amazing hat!

  32. Thanks Jill. I think you'll find that the pattern as written will fit a 19 month old. The hat in the photo was made for a baby but she just turned 2 last week and it still fits her.

  33. Hi there! Thank you for helping me so quickly with my last post! I have made the body of the hat but the seam looks terrible (beginner knitter) and obvious. I am thinking of re-doing it on circular needles, can I just follow the same instructions?

    thank you again for sharing this lovely pattern!

  34. You can easily do it on circular needles but you'll want to make sure you Purl the rows at the beginning where it says to knit to make the garter stitch. And I'm sure you know you'll need to switch to DPNs when the decreases at the crown make it uncomfortable to use circs. I use Mattress stitch to seam the hat. Here is a good video on how to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvAS-HCWk9I

  35. The hat is absolutely adorable!


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